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Meet PicTokyo

We don't just provide photo SERVICE,

We provide STORIES (experience, entertainment, memories)

Capture exciting, creative memories of your event with our automatic photo booth that can print and share photos instantly! Have a blast taking photos, being silly, and making new connections at your event.


How it all Started

PicTokyo was established in 2016 when two childhood friends who grew up in California reunited in Tokyo at an “Izakaya” restaurant and commiserated over how boring life had become since they began working as “Salarymen” in Japan.

PicTokyo began as a weekend project to help spice up Japanese weddings, providing a PhotoBooth Rental Service for guests to have fun, be creative, and make new connections. Just like ”Purikura”, users can enjoy taking unlimited photos with a variety of props and backgrounds, and then print out the photos on customized templates.

After our first wedding event and a little word of mouth marketing, we started to recieve overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we were encouraged to expand our service to School, Corporate, and MICE events.

Now, we added PhotoSnap & Selfie to add more engaging products that can make any parties a BLAST!

About Me


Shoji Yamada

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Shoji went to University in OC studying International Business and moved to Japan in 2011.

After working in the Finance Industry for over 8 years, he decided to go full-time with the Photo Booth Rental Business he started part-time with his childhood friend back in 2016.

A photobooth
rental company

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