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EHEF 2021 at Meiji University

Where: Meiji University (明治大学)
Size: 1000+ attendees

The European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) is a yearly event that “brings 80 institutions from over 20 EU Member States to promote their programs and courses to visitors interested in education opportunities in Europe.” The EHEF organizers planned to draw in more attendees this year by inserting a bit of FUN to the event. PicTokyo brought their Photo Booth, their props, and their smiles on a beautiful, sunny Saturday.

Held at Meiji University in Tokyo, the event was easy access for many students at the school, and it attracted students from neighboring universities as well. As guests entered and left the fair, they stopped by the Photo Booth, had some fun, and took home a custom-printed photo as a souvenir.

We had a lot of great help from the volunteer students at the event, and to our MVP, Keita, for being such a charismatic person! You definitely helped made this event smoother!

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