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Hurley: Murasaki Shonan Open 2017

What: Murasaki Shonan Open 2017
Where: Kugenuma Beach Resort (鵠沼海岸)
Size: 10,000 visitors over two days

We are glad summer is here: The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there are more activities to do outside! Last weekend, PicTokyo was invited by Hurley Japan to the Murasaki Shonan Open 2017. Coming from Los Angeles, California, both Shoji and I (Daniel) LOVE summer and the beach. Naturally, we were both VERY excited for this: it is our biggest event to-date.

Special thanks to Shoji, Rie, RJ, and the team at Hurley Japan to help make this happen for Pictokyo.

PicTokyo brought their Photo Booth during the three-day weekend of Sea Day (海の日). Over the two-day period, our Photo Booth had many excited visitors using our service to take home some memorable photos.

The Photo Booth was an instant hit, with lines of people forming to take photos at any given time. The event was occupied with great music, food, merchandise, activities for families, and of course, surfing.

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