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SK-II GALA Extravaganza

Where: Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto (ウェスティン都ホテル)
Size: 200 guests

PicTokyo was proud to be invited to SK-II’s GALA Extravaganza held at the prestigious Westin Miyako Hotel in Kyoto. This year’s theme was “spring time in traditional Kyoto.” The decor was set up with a lot of bright colors and hints of cherry blossom trees. SK-II even brought in a rickshaw as a photo op!

With attendees from all over the world joining for the multi-day event, there were many activities to be experienced. Top representatives from each country gathered to share ideas, support, learn, and of course, have fun.

The emcee kept the energy flowing throughout the evening and the live performances had everybody laughing and cheering.

PicTokyo brought their Photo Booth for this event and it was one of the most popular photo-ops the entire night. We had our props designer, Mizuho, design some wonderful spring and cherry blossom inspired props. Guests were holding onto the props while waiting in line.

PicTokyo designed a one-photo template for this event. The background was the green screen and a photo of a gorgeous cherry blossom night view of Kyoto.

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